Monday, December 31, 2007

Party Poopers

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Yep, that's us!

We didn't really have any super, exciting plans to ring in the new year. Just pizza and a movie. Mark even ordered a few slices of my absolute favorite pizza--pineapple! We rented Ratatouille and even let the kids stay up past their bedtime. Mullin tried to make it to midnight with Daddy, but I am told he fell asleep before 2008.

We did have a couple of "party" invitations from lovely family and friends, but what can I say, I guess we're fuddy duddies! A nice, quiet, relaxing evening is what we desired.

Plus, New Year's Eve is one of my least favorite holidays. The other is July 4th. I dislike them entirely for selfish reasons--I HATE staying up late, I HATE hearing fireworks go off late at night, and I HATE spending the next day exhausted from not getting a good night's sleep.

No, I didn't stay up until midnight. I believe I have only done that twice on New Year's Eve since I have been married. Once was to see the lighting of the 3 crosses at Bellevue Baptist Church in 1999 . I am glad I was there to witness that amazing sight, but it was a bit difficult with a 4 month old!! Oh my, and that was the time when everyone thought the entire world was going to lose electricity or something due to the date changing from 1999 to 2000. Mark and I made a few preparations but nothing major. I think I even filled the bathtub with water before we left that night. What funny memories!

Here we are having a smashing good time on New Year's Eve! Really it was fun. Good movie, good times.


AJ said...
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AJ said...

Sounds like fun to me!!! We, too, enjoyed the quiet of home and sat around by the fireplace just staying warm and comfortable. And enjoyed it immensely! I can't remember WHY I used to think it was so "fun" to get all decked out and go out and get wild on New Year's Eve! Things sure change! (Thank the good Lord for that!)
(Had to delete first comment, had a misspelled word!)

Knit-Wit said...

Sounds like a nice time. We ended up invited a couple families over to play games. It was nice - but I was tired the next day.


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