Monday, February 16, 2009

Bet You Would've Paid Money to See This

Pin It Now! I had no idea when I went shopping with my mom yesterday that I was going to be providing the entertainment at Michael's. I bet all those crafty folks are still talking about my stellar, on-the-spot performance. ;)

So, I am walking and talking to my mom totally NOT paying any attention to what's in front of me until my cute, open-toed shoe smacks the big, fat curb, and before I have time to react and gain composure of myself, my hands and almost face have a not-so-friendly encounter with the pavement!!! Besides my pride being shattered, my favorite and only pair of sunglasses broke in the fall. I've got a tiny boo boo on my left pointer finger, too.

I might as well be driving with a blindfold on if I am not wearing sunglasses. So after my Mom finished at Michael's it was straight to Target to replace my broken ones. I liked my cheap, brown sunglasses with a bit of bling, and Target didn't have anything that resembled my old shades. Okay, so BIG may be the in thing, but personally I don't like looking like a giant dragonfly. I finally had to settle on a medium sized pair b/c I had to be able to safely drive myself home. Mark says I look like a movie star with them on. Well, I guess that is better than a bug with those gigantic compound eye things. It will take some getting used to but they get the job done.

Oh goodness, laugh if you must. It was rather hilarious. I laugh every time I see someone fall on America's Funniest Home Videos. There is just something funny about seeing someone BUST!!!! I guess I can add this one to My Most Embarrassing Moments list.

Now, if you are really one of my friends you're going to make me feel better and tell me, "Oh yeah I remember the time that happened to me too!" right?


not up to code said...

Nathan thinks my sun glasses look like blue blockers - now being sold as "HD sun glasses".

Jane Anne said...

Oh my, I fall more than I care to admit. I am glad you are okay. I feel the same about finding a good pair of sunglasses.

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Honey said...

Ok, I admit...the visualization of that one did, indeed, crack me up! And yes, most of us have done the same...I, on more than one occassion.
Two of my finest moments:
1) Busted on the ice in a parking lot & cracked my tail bone. Not so funny.
2) Had a similar encounter with a curb & fell, face first, into a fountain in Washington, D.C. in front of my boss & co-worker. Oh yeah - that was real smooth!

Anonymous said...

Brroke-ism is starting to manifest

Anonymous said...

That should be Brooke-ism not Brroke-ism

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she's developing a little Brookitis!

Jane Anne said...

I just posted about an interesting article on my blog: Is There a Cure for Peanut Allergies?

Allyson said...

Funny. At least you didn't break anything besides your glasses. I was thinking you broke your toe. And it is sooo hard to find a great pair of glasses, so I totally empathize with you on that one. I'm a bit surprised you like the bling though! For some reason an image of Elton John's glasses popped in my head after that comment!


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