Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Worse Than Raw Chicken

Pin It Now! I don't like touching raw chicken with my bare hands. I think there might be something worse, though, and I found it in my shower's drain this afternoon.

I clean pretty regularly, but I usually forget to clean the hair out of my drain. I almost gagged when I pulled out the matted mess. Thankfully I was wearing heavy duty gloves. Bleh!

To someone standing a few feet away, it would have appeared to be a dead house cat that I was pulling out. Seriously, it was a wad of hair that would have made Crystal Gale jealous. If it hadn't been for the gunk and goo clinging to it, I could have donated it to charity.

How in the world can so much of my hair fall out? Makes me sad to think that I really could have thick, beautiful hair if it would just stay intact. In a few years or so, I will probably look like Gollum. Sigh.


T-Bone said...

Hahahaha. The visual image of you looking like Gollum makes me laugh! That's so funny (in a terribly sad way). And, hair from a drain is one of the dirtiest things to me. I refuse to pull it out of there, even though it's usually mine. ::SHUDDER::

not up to code said...

oh god - i think i'm going to vomit - seriously!


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