Monday, March 23, 2009

Backyard Babies

Pin It Now! I've got babies in my backyard that don't poop or cry!!!! Seriously, all my fruit and veggie sprouts are as cute as babies. I love looking at them everyday!

This year I'm having a go at growing some strawberries and tomatoes. I don't have room in my garden box, so pots on the porch will have to do. One of my strawberries is about the size of a gumdrop--oh so cute!! No tomatoes yet, just a few yellow flowers.

Last year my yellow squash and zucchini did so well, I planted those again. I couldn't get onions or cilantro to grow from seeds, so this year I am trying cucumber and cantaloupe. Yea--everything has sprouted. I am curious how the cantaloupe will turn out. The fruit is supposed to be small and very sweet--great for smaller gardens. We shall see...

Shiloh counts our apple babies. Goodness, I think there are about 30 on this tree. Our other apple tree is larger but only has flowers so far. I didn't take a picture of our orange tree, but it has way more buds this year than last. The oranges are tinier than peas. It is so strange that it takes apples just a few short months to fully develop, but oranges almost a year!!!

This tree is not a fruit tree, but wouldn't that little nook under the tree be a perfect home for a whimsical gnome? In just a short while the 2 oleander bushes will bear beautiful, carnation pink flowers, and the Lantana on the ground will be covered in yellow blooms. I'm thinkin' a gnome would love it here!!

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