Sunday, March 22, 2009

Amazing Ant Experiment

Pin It Now! Yep, another home school science experiment. We have been learning about ants and bees for the past few lessons. Arizona isn't lacking in ants by any means, so I thought the "jelly experiment" would be perfect for the kids. (And did I mention EASY!!)
Our experiment involved 3 mini paper plates, strawberry preserves, blue, Crest toothpaste, and Palmolive, lavender dish soap. And of course, ants. The goal of this experiment was to see if ants would cross certain barriers to get to the jelly.

All ready to take them into the backyard. We will have plenty of ant hills from which to choose.

It is a tad bit difficult to see the anthill, but it is in front of the plates toward the bottom of this picture. The ants we have don't really bother me that much any more. In fact, I have even read that they can be beneficial for gardens. Last year they didn't bother the food growing, so I have learned to live with them. It is virtually impossible to exterminate the entire colony, but when the hills get out of control, I do use a little pesticide. I want my kids to be able to actually play outside without being taken over by ants.

Okay, the jelly on this plate is surrounded by toothpaste. See the ant? She would not dare cross the toothpaste. She went round and round the plate as did many other busy foragers, but none ever crossed.

Dish soap blocks the jelly on this plate, and again no ants would cross the stuff.

It was like Christmas for the ants when it came to the plate with nothing but delicious strawberry preserves!!!

I don't know what it is about watching ants, but it was interesting and fun!!

Even Shiloh was entertained by the ants. Well, that wraps up another Rivendell Academy project.

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