Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I Didn't Know Dave Matthews Was A Movie Star??

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When I hear the name, Dave Matthews, I think of a singer and a very popular, certain song, not a movie star. But, we watched a movie last weekend starring the Dave Matthews. Anybody know which movie it is?

Here are a few hints:

*movie is based on a 1930's classic novel for kids

*I cried when I read it and saw the movie (older version) in about 3rd grade or so.

*It's about a boy and his 2 dogs---surely you know by now!!!!!

Where the Red Fern Grows!!

Mullin just finished reading that novel last week, so I borrowed Disney's updated movie from the library. It's just an all around, good, clean and wholesome family-friendly movie!!! Unfortunately, those are getting harder and harder to find.

The only negative element--your kids just may want a dog or two now.

Sorry kids, dogfood's not covered by SNAP and dogs don't clean themselves. (At least not in a sophisticated, civilized fashion!) I love my poop-free yard, too, and my slobber-free tile. No dogs in my near future! (unless they are stuffed, of course)

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