Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lingered Far Too Long

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All I needed were Yo Kids Yogurt and Jelly Beans. But, I decided to look just for a minute longer because I was at TARGET, and well, they just have so many cute things.

Right across from all the lovely wrapped Easter candy was a neatly organized shelf of whimsical garden accessories. I sort of have a weak spot in my heart for this sort of thing. The little gnomes and chubby toadstools were calling to me. They needed a home. It truly was difficult resisting their pleas, but I just cannot possibly afford to decorate my garden--not when SNAP and WIC are my two closest companions at the moment. Oh well, one day, maybe my garden will be a gnome's ultimate dream home. Until then I will just wait b/c I have extremely particular taste in garden accessories, well any accessory for that matter. Bye, sweet Target gnomes. :(

To get to the registers, I had to pass the little girls' clothing section. I could have just walked right on by, but no, I had to take a peek. Fortunately I had all 3 kids with me, so they kept me from sticking around too long. Cute, cute.

I did leave with a little something extra, though. Found some cute brown flip flops with Topaz gems. Bought them with a gift card. (Thanks, Dad)

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Jane Anne said...

I love Target and have to stay out of it so I don't spend extra money. I love that you bought flip flops! You must be as ready for Spring as I am.


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