Monday, March 23, 2009

The Brownie I Had to Force Myself to Eat

Pin It Now! It's ten minutes until rest time is over and Lincoln opens my bedroom door, a peace offering in hand. It's a Glazed Mint Brownie that he's topped with mini M&Ms.

"This is for you Mommy, because I was so bad during school today."

Truly this child did give me some grief today. He can be quite strong-willed at times. This is the kid who could literally argue with his own reflection.

I was definitely touched by Lincoln's sweet way of apologizing. Any time he upsets me, he always wants to "make up" for it by doing something nice for me. And today it was by cutting a brownie for me. What he did not know was that I ate one right after all the kids went to "rest time". I was quite full, but I did not want to make him feel any worse than he already did, so I forced myself to eat it. They are very delicious, by the way!!!

I sort of had a feeling I'd find something like this in the fridge when I came downstairs. Thank goodness he had the sense to NOT lift the baking stone, so he cut it inside the fridge. (I won't even mention the fact that I spent over an hour one day last week carefully cleaning out the refrigerator.) Yep, there were brownie crumbs everywhere, but ya know, I didn't even mind cleaning up this kind of mess because I knew that Lincoln was truly sorry for acting the way he did. :)

Love that kid!!!


HONEY said...

That was a very sweet gesture on his part. What a prince!

not up to code said...

That is very sweet!


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