Monday, March 30, 2009

June 12th

Pin It Now! June 12th is exactly 5 months after Lincoln's birthday.

June 12th is exactly 2 months before Mullin's birthday.

June 12th will be one month and 2 days after our 12th anniversary.

June 12th will also be the day we find out if we will be going through a second lay-off.

While Mark disagrees, I hate knowing in advance. Just something else to wonder and worry about. Something to nag at me every now and then. It makes me realize just how weak my faith can be, too. :(


The Matt Lambert Family said...

what do you mean second layoff? did he find a job and loosing it? what type of business is he in- just curious? i will be getting your package in the mail on thursday.

Jon and Kelly Pack said...

Take a peek at the book of Esther. The Jewish people were told 11 months before they were to be "slaughtered" by the Persians and dreaded every day, but then remember the miracle that took place.They were saved and were victorious! God just uses this time to show you how faithful He is. Who knows what miracle will come from all of this. You are in my prayers

Anonymous said...


I feel sick for you tonight. Chris still hasn't found a new job and we are living with my parents. It is a DAILY renewing of the mind. I am so praying for you and what a long wait. You already know that God is good and that you will be okay...but hard is hard. This is hard.



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