Saturday, October 24, 2009

EcoStore USA {Giveaway}

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*And the winner is Sharon! Congratulations and thanks to all who participated. :)


One of my passions is providing my family with as non-toxic of an environment as possible. I know it’s an unrealistic expectation to attain perfection in this area, but there are a few things that I can do as a mom to lessen the amount of toxins in my home. For instance, I have been using all natural products on my children’s skin for years, and for almost a decade I have considered myself a “green-cleaner”.

As you can imagine, I was thrilled when EcostoreUSA, a company committed to providing products that are safe for you and our environment, said they wanted to share some of their products with me!

It was like my birthday when I opened up the package of dishwash liquid and laundry liquid! I couldn’t wait to get my hand on some dirty dishes and dirty laundry! (Now that’s a first!)


I have washed everything from clothes to rugs with this product and I am very pleased with it’s performance. The fresh, clean aroma of eucalyptus oil got a thumbs up from one of my sons sitting at the kitchen table as I was filling up the washer!

2009-10-24 014

My photo is a bit dark, but I wanted to show you just how sudsy the water was with just one tablespoon of laundry liquid in an almost medium sized load.

Two of my children have very sensitive, eczema prone skin, so I was concerned about using a new detergent. I am happy to report that their skin has responded just fine to wearing clothes washed in laundry liquid. No irritation whatsoever!


I also like using natural dish soap, especially since my kids use it frequently to wash dirty hands. Dishwash liquid has a very light, citrusy scent and suds just as nicely as laundry liquid.

2009-10-19 019

This is just from one drop of soap in a cereal sized bowl.

And now for the best part of this review: EcostoreUSA wants to share some of their products, which range from baby care all the way to pet care, with you, too! One lucky winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to EcostoreUSA by email.

Here’s how to enter: please browse around EcostoreUSA’s site and leave a comment telling me which products you like best. (All generic comments will be disqualified.)

Earn extra entries by:

*becoming one of my bloggy followers :)

*sharing this post on facebook, twitter and/or your blog

*signing up for Ecostore’s “No Nasty Chemicals” newsletter

Please come back and leave a separate comment for each extra entry telling me what you did. Wow, so that’s a total of 5 possible extra entries! Good luck!

This giveaway will close next Saturday, Oct. 31 at midnight. Winner will be chosen by a random number generator. (Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you!)


Unknown said...

I would like the baby Nappy balm b/c Samuel has sensitive skin. He had a hard time as a newborn b/c he "cooked" so long and his skin was really rashy. I would try the Baby Message oil as well b/c he loves his message!

T Mama said...

Brandi, I posted it on FB and my blog!

Brooke said...

I would really like to try the Pure Oxygen Whitener since I do not use bleach!

Brooke said...

I posted about your blog giveaway on facebook :)

Sharon said...

I was impressed by the laundry products... their whitener and detergent seem like it's right up my alley!

(thanks for letting me know about your giveaway!)

Hope to see you tomorrow at the carnival!

Sharon said...

I am a follower!

Sharon said...

I signed up for their newsletter.

thanks again!!

Abbi said...

I think I would get the toilet cleaner or the dishwasher soap. The bar soaps looked neat too.

Abbi said...

I also became a follower. Thanks for the giveaway! said...

The toilet bowl cleaner (we always use yucky chemicals to clean that) and/or the lemon spray cleaner. (We use white vinegar, but it'd be nice to have a nice lemon scent.)


Lori said...

Awesome! I'd love the laundry liquid! (Great idea to take a pic of the suds!)


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