Thursday, October 22, 2009

THAT Family Carnival: Large ???? Cottage Cheese and Something from the Heart

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I have never thought of my family as “That Family” in the funny, crazy sense. ( Although, we just might be the only family that has Large Curd Cottage Cheese in the fridge in which the “C” in Curd is crossed out with a black sharpie and replaced by a “T”.) Um yes, we never lack for bathroom humor around here.

While I personally may not have a laundry list of THAT family mishaps, I do very much like hearing other moms’ hilarious, “This must only happen to me” stories! I think that’s why I miss being a part of MOMS so much. Jean Stockdale, was a pro at telling the BEST mom stories. She’d have me practically rolling in the isle on a weekly basis. I would always leave MOMS thinking, “How in the world can so much happen to just one person?!” ;) (If anyone lives near Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, TN, you really must become a part of the MOMS Ministry there!!)

Anyway, just like any mom, I have found myself in embarrassing, “just get me outta here situations”, but for the most part I have found myself thinking we are THAT family because I’m THAT slightly crunchy parent. (I’d include the hubster here, but he’s only crunchy because I’m crunchy.)

You know the ones----

The home schooled, couscous and quinoa-eating ones.

The anti hydrogenated, raw milk drinkin’, minute rice-hating ones

The green cleaning, essential oil and herb-using ones

Just to name a few. ;)

I am sure I got some weird looks when I would bring my toddlers their own, all natural snacks to Sunday School because I just couldn’t bear for them to eat Saltines or Goldfish. (Give me some slack—I have eased up on that after being a parent for 10 years—I know they won’t die from eating them, at least not immediately.)

People look at me funny, like I must not even be an earthling, when it comes up that my kids have never had antibiotics. (My second born did have an ear drop antibiotic once after an accidental rupturing of the eardrum with a Q-tip. That story deserves its very own post for sure!)

And I know I’ve received some blank stares when it happens to come up that my kids have never had formula or white sandwich bread.

I don’t usually broadcast these types of things, but sometimes they just come up. And that’s when I feel like crawling under a rock and holding up a sign that says, “Yep, we are THAT family!”

So, that’s how I considered myself to be a part of THAT family until last year, the day before Halloween.

On that particular Thursday morning, we REALLY became THAT FAMILY. I even entitled a post, “We Are That Family” shortly thereafter. And that post was written before I ever became part of Kristen’s virtual, We are THAT Family.

Why did we all of the sudden become THAT family more than ever?

Well, the unthinkable happened.

My husband came home unexpectedly early. Jobless. Just like that. No signs, no warnings. Our family became just like so many other families we kept hearing about on the news or through the grapevine. The “economic crisis” hit home and the nightmare began. It has been almost one year since that dreadful day, and I have posted about our journey from time to time on my blog if you’d like to read more.

“We are that family”

“In Which the Ragamuffin Family Returns to Normal, Sort of”

“Guess It’s Time for an Update”


“Comfort Zone Issues”


As of right now, we are THAT family

who is persevering through trial.

who is becoming stronger despite misfortune.

who is continuing to trust in God, our provider.

who is being reminded daily of what “true riches” really are.



Kristen said...


Loved your post.

Thanks for celebrating with me!

Erin @ Closing Time said...

I loved this post! I'm a first time visitor to your blog! :)

Unknown said...

It's a good name, it's working for us!

I think it is getting more popular, especially since my husband was born.

Stonefox said...

Wow, what a story. I think the best thing about being THAT family is we get to see God's provisions...and His sense of humor too. What a great family you have to go through life with!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't know. I consider myself the "skin on", thickly-battered, deep-fried kind of way.

Ames said...

Yep, I get the same reactions from people when they find out that we don't vaccinate our kids or us! It is amazing how many people think that vaccinations are LAW!

Great post. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

found you through THAT family blog...
I don't consider myself to be super crunchy, but we've made some different choices for our kids... no vax, and my friend thought I was crazy when I brought my own bread (whole wheat) so my kid could eat a sandwich at her house since her kids only eat white bread. :) glad i'm not the only one


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