Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Candy Land Party

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My sister throws the best birthday parties!!  I can’t believe she took the time to make all of this Candy Land stuff!!

Grandpa D was King Kandy and my brother dressed up as Mr. Mint.

2009-12-20 012 


Line of cousins—twins wouldn’t come out of the bouncy. :)




2009-12-20 009Livi, the birthday girl, and Shiloh standing in front of Lollipop Woods.

The gumdrops in the background were made out of terra-cotta pots.  So cute!



Almost time to start!

2009-12-20 015(My camera is not taking very good pics, as it is ancient and held together with tape.  Pics are turning out so dark—ahg.)

 2009-12-20 016Shiloh and Livi pass Plumpy and pull some suckers off the tree.

 2009-12-20 022Mullin helps Easton---too cute!!!  And of course, Mr. Mint passes out candy canes!

 2009-12-20 024

 2009-12-20 025Lincoln helped one of the twins, Kenny, follow the rainbow path.

 2009-12-20 037Isn’t Gloppy grand?!  (I know these pictures are making you all want to get Candy Land out and play a game, huh?)

2009-12-20 035I am supposed to be Princess Lolly.

2009-12-20 026

Instead of Gramma Nut, it was Grandpa Graham handing out graham crackers.  Both my sister and I have children who are allergic to peanuts~crazy!!

By the time they reached the end, everyone had enough supplies in their bags to make gingerbread houses.

Fun party!

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