Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Pictures Round 1

Pin It Now! Please ignore me while I "scrapbook" my family's Christmas. Lots of family means lots of pictures, and believe me, I will be leaving a ton out!

The calm before the storm...

Stockings first...

Shiloh was so excited about Christmas Dots and Krabby Patties. In fact, later she said her favorite present was the candy. If only I'd known she'd be so inexpensively easy to please!

Looking lovely before 6 am. Mark was so proud of his raffia bow. He gave me the straightener I wanted. Haven't owned one since middle school I think.

Mullin has a pretty good idea that vintage Star Wars characters are in that envelope!!
Lincoln is into vintage Star Wars as well. Thankfully Daddy won a few eBay bids!

Shiloh's been wanting a bike basket to carry prized pets and dolls. :)

A last minute gift we couldn't pass up since Shiloh made the remark not too long ago that she wanted to be a cashier when she grew up.

Vintage ships for the vintage action figures.

Now Shiloh's Barbies have a traveling choice: Diamond Castle Carriage from last year or the new jeep!
The big Christmas surprise: An Elite X-Box 360.

This presents needs a little background info.

This past spring/summer we had a garage sale in hopes of starting an X-Box fund. I don't remember the exact amount, but we probably started with around $50 or so. Whenever we had a little extra money, which wasn't often, we added to the stash. The boys even threw a few bucks in every now and then. By the time December rolled around, there was only about $100.00 in the X-Box envelope--only half way to reaching our goal. The boys thought they'd be 30 before we'd have enough to purchase the X-Box, but all in all they'd been so patient and understanding.

We told the boys we had to stop adding to the fund, so we could do Christmas shopping and that we'd resume once Christmas was over. Little did they know, Daddy had done some serious deal shopping and had decided to surprise them at Christmas.

So, once the kids were down to their last presents, we had them open them at the same time. TWO X-BOX CONTROLLERS!!!! They didn't know whether to be confused or elated. Oh, those faces I will never forget.

Then the big reveal--we moved the chair that had been in front of the TV, which had the X-Box set up the whole time. It's an understatement to say that they were excited!!

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