Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in Pictures Round 2

Pin It Now! Present opening always starts a few days before Christmas when we participate in the Tennessee Christmas Dinner at Pa and Cece's via the web cam. Too bad we couldn't participate in the dinner part!
Big pile of Tennessee presents!

Mark got the jacket he asked for.

Star Wars stuff = happy children!

Oh my, Disney Princess and horse. Now her Diamond Castle horse will have a friend. :)

I bet Daddy will have to help put together this one.

The boys were so excited about Dart Tag. Mama is glad for the eye gear!!

Shiloh and all of her glittery horses. Hard to see her new, small purple one from the Three Musketeers. She is a die hard animal lover. Maybe someday we will have a real animal. I said maybe.

Reilly is sporting her brand new, and very adorable CPK outfit. :)
I got much appreciated gift cards, but it isn't very interesting to take pictures of those.
Thank you TN family for all of the wonderful gifts!! We were truly spoiled, in a good way. :)
Hopefully in the near future we can be there in person.

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