Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There's A Magnet On My Bathroom Door

Pin It Now! You can't see it, but it is there. Door shuts. Invisible magnet power turns on.

I think there's one installed in every mother's master bathroom door. This magnet is especially designed to attract KIDS! Somebody please tell me how to deactivate this thing!!!

Kids just have a knack for needing you right after you've shut the bathroom door, don't they? I can almost guarantee hearing a loud, "MOM!" yelled from our kitchen downstairs or a soft knock on my closed bathroom door every single morning. After breakfast, after making beds, after the kids are all ready to start home school, it's my turn to have a few minutes to "get ready".

I was literally interrupted 6 times this morning for various things. Ahhhhhh! Good grief, I just wanted to get ready in peace!! Then there it was, another voice talking to me through my bathroom door. ----Sigh.

This little muffled voice said, "Mommy, I have the most beautiful prayer."

"You do?"


Well, I wasn't about to keep the door shut any longer. I couldn't let this moment pass. Isn't this what my mothering is all about? Raising these babies up for the Lord?

So, I opened the door for the seventh time, still not "ready" for the day, and I sat down beside my sweet little girl who was holding our Adorenament book in her hands. (My previous post just happened to be about our Adorenament tradition--guess she's really been paying attention!) She opened up the book and while turning to each and every page, she proceeded with these words:

"Dear God,

Thank you Jesus that you were born.

Thank you for the door that you walk inside it and there you are.

Thank you for the tree and the grapes that die on it.

Thank you for the water that you have to keep running back to get it.

Thank you for the candle that glows in the dark.

Thank you for the star that shines bright in the sky.

Thank you for the lion and the sheep.

Thank you for the shepherd that takes care of the sheep and the crown that is so sparkly.

Thank you for the bread that fills our tummies and for the cross you died for our sins.


Then she added, "I am going to say this prayer during Bible, too." And she did. So I got the last half of it on tape. :)

Today I was glad for that 7th interruption. :)


Brandi said...

So I just showed Shiloh that I put her prayer video on my blog.

"So this is where God takes the prayers?"

Too funny!

Cyndi said...

Aw. That's precious.

Jen said...

Love it! My favorite part "and for the crown that is so sparkly!" Too CUTE!! What a beautiful prayer and I would say YES, she gets it!! So Wonderful!!

BTW can't wait to meet you next week!! I am so EXCITED!!!!!!

Ames said...

Oh, that is priceless!

The Lenzers said...

aren't you glad you opened the door? I like to hide in the bathroom on weekends. I tell mark I have to go #2 so he will watch the kids. I text or email or read a book. I don't get to pee in peace all week so a little stolen time on the weekend is ok in my book!


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