Monday, December 28, 2009

Give Me Some Sugar

Pin It Now! For the past several days, I have taken a break from all things computer related, well except for when I helped Shiloh with her new Barbie and the Three Musketeers PC game, but this morning I decided to take a break from Christmas clean up and check my inbox.

Glad I did, because Bella Lucce notified me of their 50% off clearance on holiday items, including sugar scrubs, my absolute favorite bath luxury!!! The Cranberry Fig and Gingerbread Creme are on sale now, and if you have never tried a sugar scrub, here is your chance!! I have a half-empty jar of the Gingerbread Creme Sugar Scrub in my shower, and I could almost EAT it. It really smells that good. I love the way my skin feels all silky smooth right after using it, too.

I have tried Cranberry Yuzu, Pumpkin Glow, and Gingerbread sugar scrubs, and I have a Peruvian Chocolate sample yet to be opened. I am sure I will love it, since I have yet to meet a sugar scrub that I don't like!!

Seriously, if you have some extra Christmas money to spend, indulge yourself and be happy about buying at 1/2 price. (I was able to enjoy buying wrapping supplies 1/2 off the day after Christmas. I was completely out of paper!)

**Note--This is not a product review. I was not asked to write this. I am just sharing my honest-to-goodness love of sugar scrubs!! And Bella Lucce sugar scrubs are the only ones I have ever used.

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