Friday, January 15, 2010

The End is Near

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The light at the end of our tunnel is getting so bright I just may need to put on my sunglasses!!!

While this past year and a few months have been uncertain and very difficult at times, God has still been so merciful to us. We were still blessed with things that so many don't have. We never went hungry. We definitely weren't always eating like kings and had to pass up the urge to eat out, but we weren't hungry. Oh, I just can't imagine what that would be like.

We had a roof over our heads every single day. Now, there was a time or two when we weren't sure if this roof was going to be the one over our heads, but we continued to trust that God would take care of us. I am so glad we were able to stay in our own home. I can't imagine being homeless.

We always had a fresh, clean supply of water. To think that some don't have access to this necessity is so horrible. Even during our time of need, we had water! Water is something I just take for granted, but I really tried to be especially thankful this past year.

I have learned a lot, too, during this time. Um, hello humility! I know I have changed a smidge on the inside. I am a better person having gone (and still going) through this trial. I'd like to write about those things when I have more time. :)

Now about that bright light I mentioned...

Our present circumstances may be changing in the very near future, and God may be leading us down a path I would have NEVER imagined treading in a million years. I am beginning to think God likes working in the "never imagined possible" realm. I mean, I never thought I'd ever be living in the desert again, yet here I sit. In the desert. In January where it's 70 degrees.

I wish I could elaborate a little more, but I can't~ yet.


Piper Paradise said...

I can't stand the suspense! Glad to hear that things are working at your home.... hurry up with the details though :-)

Cyndi said...

Glad to hear things are looking up for you! I love the reminders to be thankful for the simple things, like water and shelter. Sometimes I start to complain when the walls of my small home seem to be closing in on me--and then I remember our cupboards are full and we have a roof over our heads and heat and blankets on frosty nights, and I can only be thankful. I continue to enjoy your blog.


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