Monday, July 12, 2010

I Like it RAW

Pin It Now! I'll put up with the Arizona summers any day knowing I can buy fresh, RAW milk for my kids. It baffles me that it is actually illegal in some states to sell unpasteurized milk to consumers. (Just to let you know I am not a complete nutrition freak/wacko, I am sipping on an RC Cola as I type. :D) I am all for treats every now and then, but I have an unquenchable passion for whole foods.

I was planning on writing my own post about why I like it raw, but Cara from Health, Home, and Happiness recently wrote a wonderful, well-thought-out post on this very subject. She explains why raw milk is better, what's wrong with industrialized milk, and how to find raw milk near you. I couldn't have said any of it better, and she has a bunch of links worth checking out as well.

This is the local farm where I buy raw milk. I have to admit, the very first time I bought raw milk, I was a little nervous. When you live your whole life being told pasteurized is the only safe way to drink milk, you have a few apprehensions. The owner assured me that their raw milk is safe, and that they are checked monthly to make sure they are meeting safety standards etc. It was so weird, when I opened the top, to see a thick layer of cream. Mmmm, I have quickly become a cream lover, and my kids love it when they are the first ones to pour milk from a new carton on their cereal or oatmeal.

Yep, looks like a farm and smells like one, too!! You can actually watch the cows eating grass, and aren't the babies so cute?

My sweet daughter agreeably posed for a raw milk picture. :) We have been drinking it for a couple of years now, and have happily lived to tell about it.
By the way, this past Friday was Cow Appreciation Day, so this post is dedicated to the faithful farmers and cows who provide my family with nourishing, whole, RAW milk!!


The Lenzers said...

i applaud you for your nutritional commitment. mine lately has gone down the tubes, especially with the packing and moving, we have had way too much processed food. you should share some recipes with me, i would love to eat healthier and get my boys on the right path. i must admit i have never tried raw mild and would probably be afraid to!! maybe one day i will try.

Anonymous said... I just read this and found it interesting. Thought I would pass it along.

Brandi said...

Thank you Anonymous - I did see that article this morning.

Various life experiences lead each one of us to different conclusions concerning our health and well being. With so much information and so many choices in our modern world, it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with every little detail, every heated argument, every stinking statistic.

My heart is behind every single decision I make regarding my health and especially my children's health. I WORRY no matter what decisions I end up making - b/c I love my kids and can't imagine losing them.

Fact is, we live in a place where bacteria, pathogens,viruses, sickness, etc. will always be present no matter how much we sterilize, sanitize, pasteurize, and whateverelseize. I try to research my decisions to the best of my abilites, but I am not perfect and will make mistakes along the way. Ultimately, I have to believe that God is bigger than my limited knowledge and that He truly has the world, including my kids, in His hands.

Anonymous said...

Oh...I agree with you. I am a mom too, and I try to do the best for my kids as well. Didn't mean to question your decision. I just saw it and passed it along because it was related to the subject matter. I have been following your blog and enjoy your posts.

Nikki said...

I LOVE raw milk. Sadly, I can't seem to find it around here. The closest is about an hour and a half away at $8 a gallon. I can't convince myself of that yet. But when we lived in the frozen north we used to get it off the farm rotating turns in a milk co-op.

I miss it. I tell my hubby at least weekly that I want my own cow. or two.

Our family was so much healthier on it. Before my introduction to raw milk I was drinking skim milk. Switching from skim milk to whole raw milk I lost 5 pounds in the first two weeks! AND I felt great!

*sniff* Now I'm sad again we don't have it.

But happy for you!

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Where is this farm! I also live in Arizona and have not heard of this.


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