Saturday, July 03, 2010

SAHM Wise: Pacifiers

Pin It Now! I don't think I made it out of the hospital without plopping the "plug!" I just think these things are genius.

I already felt like a human pacifier nursing every couple of hours, so I was all for anything to help soothe my babies in between those feeding times!

I didn't notice them ever interfering with nursing or anything like that, but when it came time to take them away, well, sometimes that was no fun at all!!

When my kids were babies, I pretty much let them have "pappies" whenever. As toddlers, I slowly weaned them off of using them during wake time, and only let them have pacifiers for nap time and nighttime.

It's funny because with each kid, I let "pappy" stick around a little longer. I believe I took the passy away by the time my first born was 2 1/2. I made kid #2 give it up on his 3rd birthday. And, I think I'd rather not say how long I let my daughter keep it. Yes, I know, I am a terrible mother, but I was exhausted. I think I was the one who wanted her to have it!!! Okay, she was 3 1/2, probably closer to 4. ( I just told myself, "At least she doesn't suck her thumb! A passy can be taken away.)

Once the pacifier was gone, naps were, too. My kids couldn't sleep without their passies. I think this was a huge factor in letting my daughter have it for so long. I dreaded giving up her 3 hour naps. Oh, she was my best napper!!!!

Anyway, all of my kids have turned out completely normal. I can't really say I regret using pacifiers. Yes, when the time came to take them away, that was always an ordeal, but overall, their benefit outweighed the few days of take-away-torture. And to me, they were better alternatives to thumbs or fingers!! I'd use them again in a heartbeat-- not that I will ever need to.

So are you a passy lover or passy hater? Why?


Alison said...

I didn't want my daughter to have a pacifier. When we saw her put her hand to her mouth at my ultrasound I figured we were in trouble.

At the hospital, I saw a pacifier in her cradle in the NICU ward. I was annoyed that hospital staff gave her one, then I saw her sucking her thumb. I popped that pacifier in her mouth quick! Didn't want a thumb sucker!!!

She's just a year old and can't go too long without her binky.

Shelley said...

Loved them... my boys used them until about 2. Would have used them longer if they needed them to sleep (like your babies).

Unfortunately, my girls couldn't be convinced to use a binky :( They'd gag & retch every time I tried! Nor did they want their thumb. Much misery between feedings ;)


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