Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Double-Digit Kid

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To me he will always be my strawberry-headed, chubby-cheeked, crazy, little Poo.  But facts are facts, and I can't deny that this strong-willed stinker has grown up.

He's graduated to the Double Digits to be exact.  10.  Really?  *sigh* 

He's become quite the mature fellow, much more mellow, and wise beyond his years.  (Through much blood, sweat, and tears shed by his devoted and loving parents.)  ;)

Though he's long given up goodnight songs, slobbery kisses, "pappy", and most stuffed animals, he still has a lot of "kid" left in him.  Love his deep, belly laugh; sensitive spirit; ebullience on the football field; and crazy sense of humor.  (And yes, I'll even put up with all the obnoxious bodily noises and "bathroom" banter if it means he's still just a kid.)

Happy Birthday Lincoln!

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