Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Harvest Talent

Pin It Now! Just when I'd thought I'd read every single Disney Fairy novel ever written, my daughter and I spotted a new one at the library.  Something about Rani and three treasures, I think.  Anyway, I have definitely learned a lot about Pixie Hollow over the past year or so and will forever cherish all of the fairy memories made with my sweet girl! 

We often daydream about the kinds of fairies we'd want to be if we could.  We both think being garden fairies would be fun . . . waltzing through rows of glorious flowers, sniffing sweet, rose air, and resting on velvety green moss . . . ahhh.  We've even given ourselves fairy garden names: Ivy and Henna. 

I think if it really came down to it, I'd pick being a harvest talent.  I know the harvest talents aren't the most popular of the fairies--Pell, Pluck, and Maisy--but I actually like harvesting better than growing.  I love picking veggies and fruit, heaping them up in colorful bowls.  The beautiful colors make me happy, and there's just something about the gathering of food--natural, God-growing food--  that really excites me.

I definitely wasn't going to turn down an opportunity to help my mom pick the rest of her tangelos, which ended up being gazillions of pounds I think!  So, here I am, Henna the Harvest Talent, doing what I LOVE to do!!  I brought along the family, who started out not being as jazzed but had a BLAST anyway.  I knew they would. :) 

Not only were we rewarded with more tangelos than I know what to do with, (Where's my baking talent fairy when I need her?) but my mom brought out hot chocolate and brownies for all.  Well, I thought it was a fun way to celebrate the 1/2 day off of school. :) 

So far we've drunk fresh tangelo juice, the kids licked tangelo Popsicles, and tonight I think I will make tangelo, banana, strawberry smoothies to go with our homemade bread and hopefully yummy homemade hummus.  This will be my first try at the hummus thing.

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