Thursday, January 05, 2012

Starting Off the 2012 Home School Year with Super Fun Science Projects!

Pin It Now! All three kids are studying different books in Science this school year.  Thankfully, Mullin is completing pretty much everything on his own!  Well, here are Shiloh and Lincoln starting off 2012 with science experiments . . .

Shiloh is presently learning all about the planet Venus and how hot it is.  Since Venus is covered in volcanoes, she did an experiment with melted butter and flour to get a better idea of how rock can be liquid then turn into a solid.  She loved being able to do most of it all by herself. :)  I, on the other hand, had to pretend I wasn't wasting using real butter and King Arthur flour.

To conclude Lincoln's study on blood, (he's studying anatomy) I ordered a blood typing kit so he could find out his own blood type.  I really thought this project suggestion was a GREAT idea.  Even though I rarely, if ever, spend this much (around $10) on a science project, I knew this would be something he'd remember FOREVER!!

I thought is was so funny that he was hoping to have a certain type, and he got what he wanted. This project was pretty easy to do and really interesting -- I highly recommend it!  (You do need to have a brave enough kid to get his finger pricked--Lincoln was a little nervous at first but said it really didn't hurt that much after all.)

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