Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oatmeal Headband Holder

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Ever since I saw something similar on Pinterest, I have wanted to make one for my daughter. What a cute way to store headbands!!

Ours is a bit different since I didn't use fabric. I don't sew, so I don't ever have any extra fabric lying around. BUT, I used to scrapbook like nobody's business, so I DO have extra scrapbook paper stuffed in an armoire. :)

What you need for this headband holder:
  • Large, empty, clean oatmeal container
  • Scrapbook paper (we used 3 different colors - I let my daughter choose)
  • Clear tape


Cut 4 strips about 4" wide from 2 of the colors. So, you will have 2 strips from each color. (1 strip of paper isn't long enough to wrap around the entire cylinder. Cut 2 strips about 1" wide from the third color. You will use this strip for the middle to cover where the other 2 strips of paper overlap.

Wrap strips of paper around container and tape to secure in place. I know tape isn't very fancy, but as long as it's in the back you can't even see it. Plus, once the container is full of headbands, you definitely don't notice the tape.

I offered to cover the white top with paper then wrap a ribbon around the edge, but my daughter wanted it left alone. Easy for me!

She keeps all of her other hair stuff - bows, ponytail holders, barrettes - inside the oatmeal container.

Most of the headbands fit perfectly. The one on the very top would just slide right down without the other headbands under it. So, I'd say, for the most part, this headband holder works great. Looks cute, too!


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