Wednesday, April 10, 2013

D is for Drawers as Garden Boxes

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I had other, more lofty intentions for the dresser that these drawers belonged to. But as you can see, these drawers are now filled with dirt. :)

 My hubby and I were given a pretty old, beat-up dresser that we planned on refinishing or something like that. After seeing it sit in my garage for a few months, I decided it was just too yucky for this amateur to fix up.

Lucky me when I saw this picture on Pinterest! I knew at that moment what I was going to do with my five free drawers. GARDEN!

I couldn't have seen this photo at a more perfect time. Now that we are in a rental home with a very small backyard, I no longer have apple trees, a pomegranate tree, a goji berry tree, an orange tree, or a big garden box. :( Oh, how I miss them! Oh well, these drawers are giving me at least a little room to grow a couple of things. I planted basil in 2 of the drawers, yellow squash in 2 of the drawers, and the last drawer I am keeping a secret until the letter F!

Hopefully, later on this summer I will be able to update with pictures of my drawers overflowing with a bountiful harvest. :)

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Garner Goings On said...

Yep - D is for definitely cute idea! Love the drawers!

Brandi said...

Thanks :)


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