Thursday, April 18, 2013


Pin It Now! Finally getting around to posting Easter pics.

I just don't take as many pictures now that my kids are older. And forget the family Easter photo - doesn't even happen anymore. Not that we ever took any good ones. My boys definitely don't dress up or anything! I offered to buy Shiloh a new dress, and she said she didn't want one. Alrighty then. ;)

This was the first year in a very, very long time that I bought myself a new dress for Easter. Found it at Ross for $15. Love it. Should've taken a picture of just me, I guess. Yeah, that would've been a bit awkward.

Here's an Easter first for us: When I woke my almost-14-year-old up for our annual family Saturday egg hunt, he informed me that he was too old this year.

Lincoln and Shiloh didn't mind one bit! MORE CANDY ~ HOORAY!

It took quite a while for the last egg to be found. Lincoln gave up, so it was just Shiloh hunting for it. Daddy and I finally had to give a couple of clues, though. With such a small backyard this year, I had to get a little creative with my hiding tactics. :)

So, as you can see by the pictures, I tried my hand at creating picture collages. I used Picasa because that's what I am familiar with, but I can tell it isn't going to work out that great. In order to make a grid pattern, I could only use photos that were right next to each other, and there just didn't seem to be very many options. Somebody, please help! What tools do you guys use to create such amazing collages?

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Anonymous said...

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