Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Homeschooling At Its Best

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For me, homeschooling is at its best is when my kids are inspired to do and create things entirely on their own. It's the stuff that doesn't have to be graded or checked off on a daily to-do list.

Recently, my son and I reviewed The Art of Poetry by Classical Academic Press, and much to my surprise he liked it and is continuing to complete the lessons. So, the other day I see him come out of his room, grab his poetry book, and rush right back into his room. A bit strange since he'd already finished his lesson for the day.

I guess inspiration hit him on the head, and he decided to whip out a poem of his own and post it on his Pandora site for all his followers to see. He told me I could share it here as well. :)

Oh, how I love that this wasn't done out of necessity for the sake of an assignment! I gently suggested that he add punctuation and change one word, but that's it.

I really like it when inspiration has the domino effect on my kids. Next thing I know, my 7-year-old daughter is on PBS Kids submitting a poem of her own. It was about the sun, and I wish I would've had her copy it onto paper before she hit submit. :( It hasn't been posted on the site yet. Hopefully it will!

Well, here's my oldest son's poem:

My Encounter with Death   
(Mullin ~13)

I feel so numb.

Death envelops me in his warm embrace.
Come with me, he says as his hand rests upon my shoulder.
I stroll with him through desolate emptiness,
His firm grip guides me through the nothingness.

There is no turning back.

Will my friends be there to greet me in my new abode?
He laughs.
May I ask where I am going?
Soon you will see, for thy am showing.


I was blinded by light,
Oh how the lake of fire burned bright!
Death grinned.
Here you will join me, but my numbered days go on

His smile left him.

I have been informed your stay has been delayed,
More time has been given to you this day.
With a snap of his fingers I was back where I belong,
On the ground I lay, thanking God for the mercy He has shown.


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