Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fun with Prepositions

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Prepositions are always fun words to learn. I love that words can have "relationships" with each other! Prepositions aren't just fun, they are necessary to learn. Knowing prepositions and prepositional phrases will help children be able to quickly identify subjects and predicates later on.

When my daughter started learning about prepositions in First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind by Jessie Wise, I printed out a colorful preposition list to help her with memorization. (Scroll down for preposition printable.)

Also, inspired by one of the preposition lessons in the book, my daughter and I had tons of fun setting up a little stuffed animal kingdom to illustrate relationships or positions of nouns to other nouns. :) I am sure your kids would have fun with this, too!

Queen Peace is sitting on her throne.
Her subjects are gathered around her throne.
Froggy is beside Minnie the Koala.
Lily the German Shepherd is between Clifford and Uni the unicorn.

The queen wears a sparkly crown upon her head.

Froggy jumps over the queen's throne.
Froggy is above the throne.

I hung the preposition list on my daughter's bulletin board so it would be easy for her to practice memorizing everyday. The easiest way to memorize the list is to take one line at a time. That's why I made each line a different color. We would recite the list as a kind of chant that we made up. :)

Click here for a printable preposition list for your child to memorize.

*Make sure your printer is set to print a color version! (Makes for easier memorization.)

Do you have any suggestions for learning prepositions in a fun way?


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