Monday, July 31, 2017

Busy Work

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wp_000476"On that day, when evening had come, he said to them, 'Let us go across to the other side.'" - Mark 4:35

More than Meets the Eye

Does your lot in life feel unremarkable, devoid of the divine, spiritually insignificant?

Has Jesus given you something to do? Something seemingly inconsequential?  Something altogether ordinary and well beyond the spotlight of Christian celebrity?
In spite of your limited perception - both of yourself and the task to which you've been called - Jesus is always up to something more.  More than you can see or feel.  More than your physical senses can ascertain.  He operates on a level that both encompasses and extends beyond your emotion and intellect.

Jesus' vision for your life isn't bound by space or time, and he doesn't want yours to be either.

It's in the everyday that Jesus does some of his deepest work. Look, if you will, with the spiritual eyes of Christ (2 Cor. 4:15-18). Don't become distracted by the things you see - endless chores, mindless tasks, thankless jobs.

Close your eyes and see the glory!

Getting to the Other Side

Jesus is trying to get you to the other side. He wants to take you further, and he may even want to take you farther.  He wants to show you spiritual wonders you've yet to discover, even in - especially in - those routine tasks that come almost as natural as breathing.

 "But I've been this way before," you're thinking. "I've crossed this lake a thousand times. I know exactly how many strokes of the paddle it takes to get from here to there. I know where the water is deep and where it is shallow, where the fish bite and at what time of the day the storms are likely to roll in."

In Mark 4, what the disciples do not realize is that Jesus wants to reveal himself to them in an extraordinary way, a way that heretofore he has not revealed himself to anyone else. Moreover, he has work to do on the other side of the lake, the rescue of a soul under demonic oppression, and he is counting on his disciples to get him there.

Do you know that Jesus still works, and do you know that Jesus still looks to his disciples to carry him to those in need?

What is God asking you to do? Is it overwhelming? Is it underwhelming? Is it something new? Is it nothing new? You may have been this way before, but have you been this way before with Jesus?

When you go with Jesus there is no busy work, only worship.


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