Monday, July 31, 2017

The Mystery of History Volume 2 Resources: First Quarter

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The Mystery of History Volume II Resources First Quarter

The Mystery of History

My 6th grader and 9th grader are both reading The Mystery of History Volume II this year. I absolutely love The Mystery of History curriculum and am trying to add in more extra curricular resources this time around since these two are older now. In this particular book in the series, there are only 28 weeks of scheduled lessons, so that means we have 2 weeks per quarter to focus on extras.
I have to admit, I dropped the ball on preparation and my kids needed a couple of days to catch up on a few assignments. So, we ended up spending one week on extras instead of two.


Because I no longer have children in elementary grades, these resources are targeted toward middle and high schoolers. However, all of the books listed below are considered juvenile books, and are probably just fine for upper elementary kids. My goal for extras is to find fun and interesting resources that are somewhat enjoyable, not ones that conjure up total mental drudgery. :)


St. Patrick is my all time favorite story, and below is a short video about his life and calling. We all watched this one.


Below is a 45-minute documentary about Masada which my son (9th grader) and I watched.



Ancient Rome While we didn't get to all of the books, I had my children read a few of them. I even found some to be interesting, especially The Totally Gross History of Ancient Rome. (Sorry, there wasn't an image on Amazon for that one.) Please click on photos to read about each book.

The Totally Gross History of Ancient Rome

  Ancient Maya


I found all of the above books at my local library.


St. Patrick's Breastplate - a beautiful prayer/poem attributed to St. Patrick.

Another version of St. Patrick's Breastplate including a video of the song recording also known as "The Deer's Cry."

I also had my daughter (6th grader) copy the lines from the prayer starting with Christ with me through Christ in every ear that hears me. Such powerful words!

Blessings on your Mystery of History venture. Hope you find some of these resources helpful!

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