Monday, July 31, 2017

Fall Beauty From Flagstaff

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fall beauty from flagstaff My family recently took a day trip to Flagstaff, Arizona to soak up some gorgeous fall color. Gold dazzled us from ground to sky. Enjoy the video!

Thanks to my son who provided the music. :) (Oh and thanks for helping me make my first video using Windows Movie Maker.) Yes, I know I'm behind the times.

Just Nature Pictures Sans Music

Is there even such a thing as too many fall pics?

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And here's to our family memories.


Enjoyed hiking this trail with my family. Anytime we get around anything remotely forest-y, we automatically shift from reality to fantasy. It's difficult to not think that hobbits, elves, and dwarves are just around the bend. Thick, gray clouds and rumbling skies added to our fantasy forest ambiance.


With tweens and teens, I either have to be sneaky or demanding when snapping pictures. Hopefully one day they will appreciate that I captured moments from their older childhood years.

We can always count on our middle child to catch us in our candid moments. Those moments right before the actual "pose."


Getting tweens and teens to pose for a picture is quite the feat. Getting them to smile is like trying to get the freckles off my face. To be fair, my oldest will show his pearly whites every once in a while. :)

Never too old to climb trees or to pretend sticks are swords. Nice to get away for the day. Sad to have to leave so soon. So glad to have these memories with my family. Kids grow up fast.

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