Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Look-a-like Meter

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I am completely shocked by all of the outcomes!!! I know this site ( a scientific way of scanning the faces, but Shiloh's baby pics look so much like Mark's.

I had such a hard time finding a frontal picture of Shiloh without a passy!!! I will have to do this again sometime and find better frontal pics. Maybe that would change the outcome a bit. I seem to always pose with a side view and frontals are supposed to give a more accurate reading.


T-Bone said...

i say the whole thing is crazy! mullin definately looks like you, and lincoln and shiloh more like mark. i think lincoln has your cheek bones though and shiloh has a cross b/t your eyes and marks eyes

Brandi said...

Yeah, I guess Mark and I are pretty evenly distributed between our kids. I think Mullin has Mark's bone structure for the most part, though he did get more of a pointy chin like me. I would have to say right now I think Shiloh looks more like Mark except for the nose, and Lincoln, hmm...that is a tough one. My mom's grandfather had the whole pale, freckley, red-headed thing going, so I guess that comes from my side. Actually poor Lincoln got a double dose of pale then, b/c Mark can't even tan. Lincoln does not have Mark's nose either--only Mullin got that in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how they morph into young adults!!


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