Sunday, September 16, 2007

Skillet Girl

Pin It Now! Now, you would think that something this prissy and precious would go around the house singing "Jesus Loves Me" or "Mary Had a Little Lamb or one of the many other kid songs that children usually love to sing. No, no, not our Sweet Sue! Throughout the day without any given notice, she will just out of the blue start singing with all her heart, "Rebirthing now I want to live my life....." and she will try to sing all the rest of the words. It is sooo incredibly cute, but I do find it interesting that that is the song she always picks. She also gets excited about David Crowder, but she never breaks out in chorus with any of his songs.

When I am in the car with my kids, which isn't a whole lot or anything, I usually turn Air 1 on, and every time the Skillet song, "Rebirthing Now" comes on I turn it up b/c I like it. That is the only time I listen to it since I don't have their CD.

Well, while I am on the subject of Skillet, I guess I will share another story as well. Since I have no fame of my own I am one of those people that have to tell the kinds of stories like I am about to tell...
John Cooper, Skillet's lead singer, went to the Germantown, TN school where my mom used to be a secretary, and she would always talk about the talented Cooper boys. One time I went there to see some kind of talent show or something that John was in--I think he was in 8th grade. After that I begged my mom to get a picture from him, and she did. So, me a silly little middle school kid, carried around a John Cooper photo in my purse. If only I still had that picture!! I had no idea he would become famous!! Man, I could have sold it on ebay or something for a bunch of $! Ha, ha!! Just kidding. My high school friends and I even went to the same church as John for a while. (It wasn't my home church, but a friend's) We also went to see he and his band play a few times (before he got famous), but I have to admit, I was a fuddy duddy even in my younger days and the music was a little too hard for my taste. But I do love his current stuff that they play on the radio. And Shiloh seems to also!!! Maybe Mark can get her to do it on video sometime.
I have another claim to fame story,but that will be for another day...


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic story! I love that your little darling just belts out Skillet! ME TOO!!!

My kids think I am nuts and I hear all too often, can you please turn that down?

Great claim to fame too. I think it is deffinately worth sharing!

I can not wait to hear more

Anonymous said...

That girls needs a table and chairs to have her tea parties while she's singing!


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