Monday, September 17, 2007

Wishful Thinking

Pin It Now! Today, during Lincoln's Literature lesson, we read and discussed Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. This brought up the subject of wishes, so I asked the boys, "If you could make just one wish today, what would it be?"

To my question Lincoln replied without even thinking, "All the light sabers in the world!".

As a mom, I am thinking, "That is so silly.", but I guess it sounds really fun to a boy. Where in the world would I put all of them???

Mullin quickly answered, without even knowing what his brother had said, "A Super Battle Droid Star Wars character". Now I am thinking to myself, "That's it?" He definitely takes after his dad, not me!!! I guess my kids are in a Star Wars mode or something.

Wishing is always fun so I just can't resist answering the question, too!!
If I could wish for anything today, it would be to have a backyard extreme makeover. I so badly want a custom pool, a welcoming covered porch complete with designer outdoor furnishings, a place to have family cookouts, and some cool custom built kid toys as well.
I can dream.....


Anonymous said...

is it okay to say DITTO????

HONEY said...

If you're gonna dream - DREAM BIG! :-)


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