Friday, January 04, 2008

NOW I Am Motivated

Pin It Now! Since moving to AZ, I haven't really felt very motivated to register as a voter. For one, I know as much about politics as I do about computers. (Remember, I call myself an amoeba.) Two, voting for the lesser of 2 evils doesn't exactly thrill me. I was actually contemplating using my freedom to NOT vote.

But... now I have a reason to be completely motivated!!

Whether I vote or not, though, I rest in the fact that God is ultimately in complete control.


HONEY said...

At the risk of getting myself in hot water with some of your readers, I must speak up on this topic. So here goes...

Yes, God is in control...and He has blessed us with the privilege of living in a free country. Every American adult has a responsibility to exercise their right to vote. That right cannot be taken for granted. The term "use it or lose it" applies to more than muscles.

Freedom is not free. Every one of us must step up, go to the polls & make a deliberate selection. If we, as individuals, don't cast our votes for what we believe in & against what we do not, we have no one to blame but ourselves if our country goes the wrong direction. Anyone who thinks their vote doesn't count, just need look back at the last 2 presidential elections & how close they were.

Not voting & hoping it all works out OK is like the guy standing on his roof as the flood waters rose. A boat comes by & he refuses to get in saying "God will save me." Waters continue to rise, 2nd boat comes by & he still refuses to get in saying "God will save me." As a last resort a Helicopter comes but he refuses to get in the basket saying "God will save me." Alas, he drowns & when he gets to the Pearly Gates he says "God, I thought you would save me".. To which God replies "I sent you 2 boats & a helicopter! What else did you want?"

God is in control & He has given us a responsibility. He requires action when He charges us with responsibility. (See the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:15)The one who did nothing with the talent given him was punished. He brought the punishment on himself by refusing to take action.

If we care about the world we are leaving to our children & grandchildren, not voting is not an option.

Obviously, I do feel strongly about this issue. Because I feel strongly about my grandchildren & the world they will inherit from us, the adults in their lives, who are tasked with taking action to do all in our power to make good decisions & to choose leaders who will work to protect them.

If something as simple as walking into a polling booth & pushing a button can affect their entire future, (an it most certainly will) what kind of grandmother would I be if I didn't take that duty seriously enough to act upon it?

In my opinion, the only viable excuse for not voting is if one is in the hospital or dead.

I do hope that no one reading this takes it as a mean spirited. That is not my intent at all. Please, please do not misunderstand it to be that way. It's just a serious issue that evokes a serious response. I suppose it is one of my "hot buttons". I am an American & glad of it. I bleed Red, White & Blue! Voting is soooo important. We must stand up for what we believe in & stand against what we do not. We must chose or others will choose for us.

I am glad you are now motivated & I urge the rest of your readers to get motivated as well. I implore everyone reading this...if you are not registered, please get registered ASAP & go vote for the candidate of your choice in Nov.
It will make a huge difference! OK - I'll get off the soap box now.

not up to code said...

Well said Honey.

I agree, AF, that this year promises to be exceptionally exciting politically. Can you imagine what it might look like if Hillary is pitted against Huck? Her head might just explode as even her mouth won't be big enough to spew all that evil. Hillary as president truly frightens me. I guarantee she would try to make it difficult for you to home school your kids. "Takes a village" my fat cat!

AJ said...

I agree w/ both of the above comments completely. Voting is our responsibility as much as feeding our families, teaching our kids, taking care of our homes, etc. I also do believe that God is ultimately in control, but if we don't exercise our right/responsibility (that he has allowed us to have) to vote, he's not going to magically make the right candidate win, nor will he miraculously make the "wrong candidate" do the "right thing." God obviously doesn't need any help, but he has allowed us the liberty to live in a nation where we are allowed to vote and I believe he expects us to take that opportunity and seize it, so "humanly speaking" that is our "help." (Did that make a lick of sense?) And if we don't vote and only the Hollywood crowd and Rosie O'Donnell/Sean Penn types votes, who do you think will get elected? I have heard people that say they don't vote because their one vote won't matter anyone. Oh, my friend, I beg to differ! If one million people express that idea and act on it (i.e. don't act on it - don't vote) that is one million votes not cast. Won't make a difference? Hhhmmmm, I think it would! :) Let's get involved! And get our friends and neighbors involved! And above all else, pray, pray, pray. Or the "village" will be raising your kids and the government will be dictating when and where (and for what) you can go to the doctor.

Terri said...

Yup - gotta vote. I think I'm leaning toward Huckabee too. I must say it's a hard choice out there but I definitely don't want Hillary or Obama. Can't imagine what the country would be like with her as president. Gag!

Brandi said...

Thank you for all of these passionate comments!
I really do enjoy hearing all of your heartfelt opinions.
So keep on sharing as much as you like.
I know I don't really need to say this, but...
Just a reminder to anyone who may be reading-- comments do not neccessarily reflect my own personal views and opinions!!
Thanks again to all who take the time to comment on my blog!!! =)

Anonymous said...

I would guess that the "disclaimer" would not have been posted had there not been something on this comment page with which you strongly disagree. ?? Although I can't, for the life of me, figure out what it might possibly be.


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