Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Paw!!

Pin It Now! Hope you are having a wonderful day!!

Even though I can honestly say that I don't miss the Beans-n-Rice meal, :) I miss being able to celebrate with you. Even the boys are wishing they could be at your birthday dinner!

Glad to hear you and all the rest of our TN family is okay after such devastating weather. We were thinking about all of you last night as we watched voting results.

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Cindy Tesreau said...

Paw tried to leave a comment but then he figured out that he had to have a google account and then he got the google account but lost what he had written.....and that was that! HA! So CeCe will tell you that Paw misses all of you and it would be wonderful to see you at the birthday dinner. He said that he thought he could send you some of that delicious Red Beans and Rice by Fedex! He said to tell the boys hello and he loves them as does CeCe!


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