Friday, February 01, 2008

Flexible Friday: Painting Footballs

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We work really hard Mon.-Thurs. on our home school lessons here at Rivendell Academy, so that we can be more flexible with our time on Friday, doing other things besides keeping our noses stuffed in books.

So after a few tests, a trip to the store, lunch and rest time, the boys pumped up their footballs that they got for Christmas and started painting away.

Oh no, I don't think my spell check has been working the past few posts. I really hate to reveal my knack for making a mess of the English language. Please be kind and overlook. I've even pulled out the dictionary a couple of times!


HONEY said...

Looks like they are ready for the Super Bowl!

Ally said...

Painting those balls looks like fun and I´m glad you get to do fun stuff on Fridays! I have been having problems with the spell checker too... must be a general thing!


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