Monday, February 18, 2008

The Treasure Tree

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I just finished reading this beautifully illustrated book, by John and Cindy Trent and Gary and Norma Smalley, to my 3 kids. Actually I have read it to my boys quite a few times, but Shiloh hadn't had the privilege of hearing it yet. She loved it!!! Thank you Honey for giving this gift to us almost 6 years ago!!

It's about 4 best friends who happen to be animals. A lion, an otter, a golden retriever, and a beaver set out on a delightful adventure in search of 4 golden keys that will lead them to the ultimate prize, the Treasure Tree!

Each animal represents a certain personality, and by the end of their journey they realize that the very best treasure of all was knowing how much they needed and loved each other.

Also, this book creates a fun way for parents and kids to discover their own personalities. It is especially kid-friendly because it focuses on the strengths of each personality type. :)

It was neat hearing the boys talk about which animals best described them. Lincoln has determined without a doubt that he is mostly otter with a hint of Lion. Mullin on the other hand is radically different, and he thinks he is part golden retriever and part beaver. I would agree with them, but they are still so young and things can change over time. ( I do think there's a bit more lion in Lincoln than he realizes, though.) When I was this age, I am sure no one would have ever guessed that there was a lion in the making! A shy little lamb maybe, but not a lion! Actually I would truly label myself at present as a beaver/lion. Sometimes I act more beaverish, and sometimes my lionistic nature takes over. Also, being Holy Spirit-controlled, I am definitely a tame lion, most of the time. In my opinion my hubby is without a doubt a golden retriever with a hint of beaver. He and Mullin are very similar in nature.

I highly recommend this book! Even though it has a very practical message, it is very entertaining. You will want to take your kids on all of these wild adventures. My favorite was the tastiest of the bunch, Blueberry Basin!!

Here is the personality checklist from the back of the book. Let me know what kind of animal/animals best describes you!!! Technically you are supposed to mark each trait that describes you or your child, and then total the marked answers for each specific animal. Of course the larger number represents the basic personality type.


1. Is daring and unafraid in new situations. (This is the one thing about lion that is NOT me)
2. Likes to be a leader. Often tells others how to do things.
3. Ready to take on any kind of challenge.
4. Is firm and serious about what is expected.
5. Makes decisions quickly.


1. Talks a lot and tells wild stories.
2. Likes to do all kinds of fun things.
3. Enjoys being in groups. Likes to perform.
4. Full of energy and always eager to play.
5. Always happy and sees the good part of everything.

Golden Retriever:

1. Always loyal and faithful to friends.
2. Listens carefully to others.
3. Likes to help others. Feels sad when others are hurt.
4. Is a peacemaker. Doesn't like it when others argue.
5. Patient and willing to wait for something.


1. Is neat and tidy and notices little details.
2. Sticks with something until it's done.
3. Asks a lot of questions.
4. Likes things done the same way.
5. Tells things just the way they are.

My final note: I know we are all created as very unique individuals, and none of us can fit into a tiny, little personality box. For example, as I stated before I am a beaver/lion, but that doesn't mean I am not kind or loyal. Also, someone else could be a beaver/lion and still be very different from me. So with that said have a little bit of fun and discover the animal in you!

**Don't forget to let me know what you are!


Anonymous said...

I'm a naked mole rat.

Lynn said...

I am a Beaver/Lion as well. I love this book and plan on checking it out. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you and your homeschool journeys..

HONEY said...

A naked mole rat, eh? I didn't see that one in the book. :-)

I have been told (more than once) that I'm an otter/beaver.

Glad the book is still providing enjoyment! Books are like that...they just keep giving & giving. Love books, yes I do!

Ally said...

I have this book too. I am so glad you reminded me about it because it´s time for me to read it with my youngest!!!!


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