Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yes, It Does Snow in Arizona!

Pin It Now! Our family took Monday off from work and school and headed up North in search of snow!! We found some about 2 hours away and had a blast! For a while it was just us. It was so peaceful, and the view, breathtaking. We even had a picnic in the snow. My kind of picnic--NO BUGS!! It wasn't very cold either, which was nice. At one point I just had short sleeves on and felt great. The kids did get a little cold, though, since they completely soaked their clothes. I packed plenty of extra clothes, but the one thing I did forget was sunscreen. Poor Daddy, Lincoln and Shiloh suffered from some sunburns. All in all, it was a super day. A day our family needed very much!

SLEDDING: We bought some cheap, round sleds that made for a lot of hill-sliding fun. I was first to try out the steep hill, and goodness me, I had no idea how FAST I could fly. It had been a while since I had been on a sled. My backside is a bit sore today, to say the least. Didn't stop me from sledding a bunch more times, though! Mullin and Lincoln were so brave climbing way up the hill to sled half way down and then bust!! Shiloh loved flying down the hill in Daddy's lap.

PLAYING: There is just something about seeing a little, pink bundle in the snow. Shiloh liked eating it. Lincoln tried making a snow angel, but the snow was just packed too tightly, which, thankfully, kept our feet from sinking with every step.

SNOWMAN: It sure has been a very long time since we built one of these. Some of it had already been done by someone else. We just finished him.

BATTLE WOUNDS: I was trying to show off my owies, but they didn't really show up very well. When sledding down the hill one time, I forgot to push my longsleeves down, and I ended up busting. Basically, I got "Snowburn"--sort of like rugburn, ya know.
SNOWBALL FIGHT: The snow was packed pretty tightly, so it was somewhat difficult for the boys to form snowballs. One time, Daddy hit Shiloh right in the buns with a snowball. I am sure it felt like a love pat, but she didn't like it and let everyone know with her crying and whining.

What a fun day this was. I hope their will be lots more of these trips in the future!


Terri said...

Did you go find some snow because you're jealous of those of us in Michigan getting all that snow? It sure looks like a fun time - sledding is always great!

Anonymous said...

This is a funny post for me. When we lived in AZ it was all I could do to get out when we found out it had snowed up north...then we move here and have two very bad winters with hardly any snow and NOW this year, I am overwhelmed with the snow. I have no desire to be out there and could not have posted a "pleasant" post like this about it! Thanks for sharing, it made me realize I once did not have this and once LOVED it!

not up to code said...

I am glad to see that your children won't be missing out on all the pleasures of childhood by growing up in the desert.

Piper Paradise said...

I found your blog via a WFMW link. I am in Queen Creek too!!! What a small world. When I saw Queen Creek on your blog I flipped out. I was raised here and have been here for about 23 years. Great to find another desert rat!

dawn224 said...

Arizona is always amazing to me how there can be so many diverse climates in one place!


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