Friday, February 01, 2008

My Very First Real Coconut

Pin It Now! My boys and I thought it would be a fun experience to buy a "real"coconut. I did a little research yesterday on how in the world to cut one. I hope my efforts pay off...
It felt wierd using a screwdriver on a piece of fruit, but it proved to work quite well in poking its "eyes" out.
Mullin is draining the coconut milk into a bowl. Not sure what we are going to use it for. Guess I need to research that now.
Sorry Lincoln, but Mama is going to be the one to hit the coconut and hopefully split it!

I hope this works, and I really hope no one is passing by my garage right now. I am sure I will look very silly!
What do you know-- 2 hits and whammo! I know I am wierd, but I felt so elated after this experience. Trying new things is fun, and since I have no desire to do something really fascinating like, deep sea diving or wrestling alligators, cutting open a coconut was adventurous enough for me.
The meat inside was so smooth and pretty. I wish my teeth were this white!

After all that work I ate a healthy snack of banana, coconut, raw almonds, and local honey. Yum.
My boys weren't so impressed with the taste, but they had a fun time with it.

I must add that I never thought anything could be more difficult and time consuming than cutting open a pomegranate! Acorn squash can be a bit tricky, too, but nothing compares to the coconut! As I was trying my darndest to cut and scrape away at the pearly white meat, I had a lot of time to just think.

As I was scraping away, I thought about how easy it was to get to the milk. Getting to the "meat" on the other hand was taking time, dedication, hard work, and patience. Then, in the quietness of my mind, the Holy Spirit began drawing a mental picture for me, relating the milk and meat of the coconut to the milk and meat of God's holy Word.

As baby Christians, drinking the milk of the Word that is so easily accessible is vital, but we were never meant to be sustained on milk alone. It is just as important to move on to the meat of the Word growing up in the wisdom and knowledge of God and becoming cross bearing servants in His Body, the Church. So many are content to just sit back and sip on milk without ever moving on to the meat. It requires time, dedication, hard work, and patience. It requires sacrificing one's own desires, and that never seems fun at the time.

I am glad I bought a coconut today! Blessings to you and yours--it is time for me to wake my sleeping beauty.

**I know with this many words and my spell check not working, there are bound to be some misspelled words, but I just don't have enough time to proofread. Gotta wake my girl or she won't want to go to bed tonight!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully fun experience you had. I remember out first coconut, it was fun. Isn't that what homeschooling is all about? Reading about it just wouldn't have been the same. I have to tell you also, that your children are adorable!

HONEY said... that fresh coconut would be good with some fresh pinapple mixed in. You could put the coconut milk & meat into the blender with the pineapple juice & meat & create a tropical smoothie!

T-Bone said...

you are an excellent homeschool teacher. more parents should be as dedicated and as active with their children!

Brandi said...

T-- I appreciate the compliment!!

United Studies said...

Hello! You have won the giveaway for the Baby Girl Photo Album! Please email me (my email can be found in my profile) upir mailing address and I will get it out to you soon. There was an unexpected death in the family, so I will be gone a couple of days for a funeral.

Thanks and congrats!

AJ said...

Excellent analogy with the coconut meat & milk compared to the spiritual meat & milk! And you are exactly right - we are never meant to stay baby Christians, but unfortunately, it is quite common. Picture this, if you will .... a little one year old baby, toddling around in a diaper, how cute! Now picture this, a 40 year old man, toddling around in a diaper .... ugh, not so cute, is it? In fact, quite unnatural ... we would conclude that something was seriously wrong with that person. It's the same way with a Christian, one who has been saved for many years but has never grown deeper or stronger in his Christian walk - very unnatural and something seriously wrong. Let's help our fellow brethren grow in the Lord, just as we would help our children grow in this life. Thanks for the good object lesson!

AJ said...

Oh, and by the way, about the raw coconut meat ..... not so tasty when you're used to 'sweetened' coconut out of a bag or can! :) Some things do need a little 'doctoring up!'

Ally said...

Hi´s been a long time since I have dropped by... nice to see you enjoying life with your kids. I loved this about the coconut... and yes it´s interesting how in everyday life we can learn so much. God speakes to us every day... in little and big ways!


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