Friday, February 08, 2008

Blog Rating

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The only questionable word found on my blog was "pooped", but they still gave me a "G" rating.

This gal got a "PG" rating, and you won't believe the words found on her site!!

What's your blog rated?


Carrie said...

Everybody's clicking over from your site to see what ugly words this girl has on her's like rubber necking! Ha!

Terri said...

How funny. I was rated "G" but they found 1 questionable word -
"pain" If only they would rate TV and movies as harshly!

Anonymous said...

I am so guilty of the RUBBER NECKING!

I ran right over, I just had to see WHO and WHAT! I found some of my bloggy friends by your links so I just knew I would love to see.


I had to post on mine too!


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