Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dusting Will Never Be the Same Again

Pin It Now! What I really want to be posting about is my trip to Cinch Hook, but I have tried about 7 times to upload pictures and they just won't upload. I want to rip this monitor from the wall and chunk it out the window right about now. But I will refrain since 1 Peter 1:3 is running through my mind like a broken record!!

Mark has already posted about our recent snow fun on his blog anyway, so for all the grandparents who wish to view our precious snow angels, go to his site.

Just so this post can be a wee bit interesting, I will leave you with this appetizing tidbit--

*Up to 90% of all household dust consists of dead skin. Mmmmm.

**No wonder there can be 5,000 dust mites in just one tiny speck of dust. It's and endless feast of their very favorite meal!!!

Too bad I can't upload a photo of those nasty-looking, spider-related, dead skin-eating critters!

I am sure my wonderful, computer-fixing husband will have everything working smoothly soon so I can upload pictures again.

(*Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Dr. Paul Brand and Philip Yancey. **The Kingfisher Animal Encyclopedia)


HONEY said...

"Fearfully & Wonderfully Made" is an excellent book. We've been enjoying Philip Yancey speaking at our church for the past few weeks. He's doing a series on Romans. Very, very good! He even played the Bono clip from his original "grace over karma" interview. Yes, grace is indeed amazing!

T-Bone said...

thats just gross


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