Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Ebay Pile

Pin It Now! Oh my goodness. I just couldn't stand looking at those growing ebay piles in my room any longer. So, today I finally got around to listing some items.

I always find it hard to add the non-regular things to my everyday to-do lists. The regular, everyday things take up all of my time. Adding even just one thing is always a challenge, but I told the kids to entertain themselves and let me be so I could do this much needed task.

I finally signed up with Half.com and listed about 15 books. Won't make much money off of them, but anything will help right now. I am wondering if listing some of them was a complete waste of time. $0.75 cents doesn't go very far. Didn't have time to list the other ebay items. Going to try and sell some of Shiloh's clothes and other misc. items. All proceeds will go toward school books, and a few summer items to help entertain kids when it is 115 degrees outside. And that will be here before I know it!


Knit-Wit said...

I have always been intimidated by e-bay... selling or buying. My friend just laughs at me and tells me she will give me an "e-bay class" but we haven't had time to do it yet.

Brandi said...

Funny knit wit that you mention your fears... I was the same way.

My husband walked me through everything and even helped with me with my first sale. Now I am okay with it.

Signing up was so worth it for me, b/c my sister gave me some really expensive vitamins to sell for her, and we made about 500.00! We split the profit 50/50.

Too bad none of the items I am selling now will bring in that much cash!!


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