Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Very First Harvest

Pin It Now! I can't even begin to express how delighted I was to pick my very first yellow squash! I know it sounds silly, but there is just something so amazing about watching food grow. This is my very first garden, and I am absolutely loving it! Thanks to hubs for building it for me. :)
These are my squash and zucchini plants. I have a few carrots and 2 pumpkin plants, too. My cilantro and onion seeds just wouldn't sprout even after planting them twice. Oh well, not too bad for a beginner.

I have been so tickled over the excitement the kids have shown. They helped plant the seeds--even Shiloh helped. Everyday they would watch for sprouts and boy, you can imaging the shouting when the first one emerged!!

Here they are, my first two squash. (Should that be squashes?) Lincoln was so excited about them, and he doesn't even like squash. That is until Sunday when we cooked them.

He helped me saute` them in butter, onion, spices, and cheese. And......he like it!!! But, he says he will only eat squash from the garden not the store. Silly boy.


HONEY said...

Ever make spaggetti sauce & use yellow squash & zuccinni in place of the ground beef? Yumo!

AJ said...

Squash & zucchini instead of ground beef???? Yuko!!! (from the die-hard "BEEF! It's What's for Dinner!" fan)

It is pretty fun (for us city-grown folks, anyway) to grow something in our yards and then turn it into a tasty treat on our tables! Country folks have done that all their lives so it's 'normal' to them, but for us, it's a cool and unusual experience! I have some tomatoes and peppers growing and hope to make some tasty salsa when they mature. If I had room, I'd grow a bunch of cucumbers because I have a delicious cucumber relish recipe.

not up to code said...

What a great way to get kids to eat veggies!


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