Thursday, March 15, 2012

In with the New

Pin It Now! A week or so ago I posted about getting rid of old furniture and making our first "big" couch purchase.

Well, here is an aerial view of our new living room.

I've wanted couches that I could easily clean for a long time, so this is our first experience with "no fabric" couches. It's some kind of mocha brown leather blend. Bought them at Mega Furniture, and so far so good. (Although I do worry someday someone will end up poking a hole in them with a pencil or something.)  :/

The sitting chairs and little flower table on the left are from World Market. Debated whether or not to buy chairs that didn't have arms, but we just liked the look so much! Yeah, you can't stretch out in them, but they are pretty comfy. :)

The lamp in the right corner was my birthday present ~ love the Chinese lantern look. The turquoise cushions by the lamp are for kids to sit on while playing X-box, or they make a nice little foot prop. Both the lamp and cushions are also from World Market.

Here's a close up of the fabric on the chairs. I really like it! Since we completely changed our color scheme in the living room, we now have bare walls and no curtains! (I don't plan on keeping the metal cross over the couch.) But I am so glad to have fresh colors to look at. For nostalgia, we can just walk to our den and see our old color scheme. Those nice, warm colors are great for a den atmosphere anyway. ;)

Our old stuff, but new to the den. So nice to have a couch in there now!!

Two of my kiddos enjoying the new sitting chairs and "foot props." 

On a side note: my daughter just started reading the Disney Fairy novels all by herself. While I am thrilled to pieces that all of our hard work at learning to read has paid off, I am a little sad, too.

*Sigh* I think another one of my apron strings just came loose.

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