Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kissed by Katie

Pin It Now! I just can't seem to write about food today. I usually try and post a recipe of some sort on Tuesdays and link up over at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, but not today. Maybe next week.

Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and RedemptionMy mind is just too busy pondering everything I just read in Kisses from Katie. I've been pouring over the book for the past few days, shedding tears, and being amazed by this young woman's devotion to live out the Gospel in such a radical way.

I know she says she's just doing what God has called her to do, and I know that's true. But it's still amazing to me - someone who enjoys all kinds of luxuries on a daily basis.

I believe I am doing what God has called me to do also, but I know He wants more. That "more" seemed to start right after we moved to AZ and began facing all kinds of difficult trials. I now know that those trials were necessary for God to dig out some of the "ick" embedded in my heart, to get my focus off of earthly things and on to heavenly things.

Besides recent trials, I believe God has used several books about extraordinary people on fire for Christ to soften my heart and make me more aware of needs outside the comfort of my own stucco walls. It's not that I am naive about these things, it's just that God wants me to do something about it, for me to be involved somehow even if it seems so small that it couldn't possibly make a big difference. These "others" who have inspired me recently are: Richard Wurmbrand in the children's book, God's Prisoner (I also watched a 60 min. documentary); Margaret Nicholl Laird in The Good News Must Go Out; Alexei Brynza in Beyond the Rapids; and Angus Buchan in Faith Like Potatoes. (I actually watched the movie and documentary on this one.)

I cried during each one I read or watched. Tears of sheer joy and amazement that God uses broken people to do such "impossible" things. Tears of recognition that God uses me and wants to use me more. I was encouraged each time by knowing God's incredible and undeserving grace, mercy, and love.

And I am supposed to share it.

I don't think I have to move to a different continent to do so, I need to be more Christlike right where I am. Sadly, I admit that I need to grow so much in this area. I am quite comfortable being in my "comfort zone."

My husband and I stepped slightly out of our comfort zone financially a while back and decided to commit to sponsoring a child through Compassion. While this may be easy for some, then it was a huge thing for us. I am so glad we did this "small" thing b/c it is such a blessing to know we are making a "big" difference is someone else's life. I still have a hard time fathoming that a sweet, African family who has never met us personally is so grateful to us and prays for us. I cherish every letter I get from our child, Livingstone.

I feel more "comfort zone issues" are in the future. But, I will have to write more later. My belly is growling, and I know my family won't want to skip dinner so I can blog. :)

Oh, if you haven't read Kisses from Katie, DO SO and be blessed!!

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