Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Diapers for Baby Alive

Pin It Now!  I "caved" before Christmas and bought a Baby Alive doll which my daughter has affectionately named Kylie. (Technically, it's really from her Great Pawpaw and Grandma, but they had me pick something out for her.)

Anyway, my daughter had been asking for one b/c she wanted to be able to feed it and change its diapers. Yay, a doll that makes a mess, I thought to myself. But, I knew it would bring her much joy playing "mommy," and I also knew that she'd get bored of it after a while.

My hubby and I included an extra pack of "food" in our daughter's stocking for the baby, but I didn't want to pay a ton of money for the Baby Alive diapers - and they didn't come with very many.

Solution: after reading many reviews, we decided to follow someone's advice and buy a pack of regular newborn sized diapers. We just bought the Target brand, and they work just fine.

Of course, they are a bit bigger than the Baby Alive diapers, but really they do work just fine. :)  She still has over half the package left, too. So don't worry, we aren't filling up too many landfills with diapers from a doll!

Regular newborn sized diapers for Baby Alive work for us!


Roxie700 said...

Why not find her a few real cloth diapers for her doll.
I made some really cute cloth diapers for my grand daughter's doll. She loves them.

Becca said...

It's crazy that diapers for a DOLL cost more than diapers for a real baby!!

I'm with Roxie--I would get cloth diapers, especially because (if the current Baby Alive is like the one I remember from the '70s) when she "pees" it's just plain water, so a cloth diaper could be hung up to dry and be good as new, while a disposable would not. And since Baby Alive's "poop" does not have bacteria in it, your daughter would be as safe washing her diapers as she was feeding her baby.

Brandi said...

I considered cloth diapers, but some of the reviews I read said they made a mess. I wanted something as mess free as possible! I may consider the cloth ones, though, when she runs out of the disposables. Thanks for the input!

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