Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easter Grass Wreath

Pin It Now! I absolutely adore wreaths and door decor, but I have never been able to afford such luxuries. I was too busy during the "little kid" days to make my own and too tired to be creative.

I am in a different phase of parenting now so I actually have a little time and energy to devote to DIY projects, plus the world of Pinterest helps, too. ;)

I got my inspiration to make an Easter/spring wreath here. The original is so much prettier, but my goal was to use on-hand items. I did have to buy foam tubing from Lowe's for the base of the wreath. It costs only $.97 for a 6 foot piece. (Plumbing department) And I had to buy duct tape - so I did end up spending roughly $4.

I had a bunch of Easter grass on hand - the kind for Easter baskets. so I used that for my wreath. I used a hot glue gun for this since Elmer's didn't work. (I am going to have to invest in a bigger glue gun for projects like this - all I have is a tiny one.)

Once all the grass was in place and pretty much covering up all the gray foam tubing, I reused a bow and some ribbon from my daughter's Garden Party Birthday.

I hung the cross door hanger my mom gave me many years ago on my door as well. I think it looks great in the center of the wreath!

For the most part I am happy with the way it turned out, but I have noticed that the foam tubing isn't super sturdy. It is becoming more of an "egg" shape which is kinda cute for Easter, but I am not sure I'd use foam tubing again, especially not for something heavy.

DIY Easter Grass Wreath Works for Me!

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