Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chocolate Almond Milk Treats and Coconut Whipped Cream

Pin It Now! I bought chocolate almond milk for the first time a few weeks ago. It really was a delicious treat that all of my kids liked, so I decideded to experiment a little bit.

1. Hot Drink: I wanted to know if it tasted yummy heated up since I love homemade hot cocoa so much. Definitely good, but I wouldn't want to give up on whole milk hot chocolate altogether. :) The whipped cream was another first time experiment - I used whipped coconut milk. Explanation below.

2. Cold Smoothie: This was super easy - I just filled my blender up about half way, added about 2 frozen bananas, and threw in about a handful or so of ice. Really yummy! In my opinion, just as tasty as a Starbucks Frappuchino. :)

This is the coconut whipped cream I made. Got the idea here. It was good but more dense than regular whipped cream. Made me wish I had one of those air pressure cans to put it in!

I bet there are a ton of things to make with chocolate almond milk! Hmm, I bet popsicles would be good . . .

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