Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And Let the Summer Craziness Begin!

Pin It Now! *Started summer break off with an unexpected ant battle. Literally overnight they invaded my kitchen. The ONE time I leave dishes in the sink in honor of the whole "lazy days of summer" thing, I get ants.


Good news: they are gone now. And I DIDN'T even have to use pesticides, Yea! It did take a few days of diligence, though. Baking Soda does work as an ant deterrent if you ever have an issue. I spread a layer of baking soda all around the windowsill above my kitchen sink where they were coming in, and I did rub some essential oils on the walls around the sink every so often. Since those little pests were mostly active in the mornings and evenings, I would stand by and exterminate them one by one with a napkin. I know, death by napkin is a little violent, but really, I didn't want a total infestation taking place! Finally, no more scouts out and about - the rest of the colony got the message, I guess. :)

*Celebrated the end of Shiloh's spring soccer season.

What a difference from watching her in the fall! She is such a tall, fast runner and not afraid to be aggressive. And, WOW, I had no idea as goalie that she could kick the ball outta there up and over all the kids' heads half way down the field! What I love most is that she wears a perpetual smile whether they're winning or losing. :) Great job, baby girl!

*Shiloh decided she was ready to be baptized! Such a blessing. I guess this event doesn't really fit into the "craziness of summer" post - maybe it should be the WONDERFUL event in the midst of craziness or something! 

Anyway, even though she's young and can't begin to understand everything involving salvation (goodness, even I don't comprehend everything), she says she loves Jesus and believes He died to save us from our sins. We believe her confession of faith is pure and is truly an example of having "faith like a child."

How special it was for her Daddy to take part with our pastor in the baptism.

Also special to have the support of all of her AZ grandparents. :)

There were several others who were baptized from our little church as well. So awesome to see the work God is doing in people's lives. One of the others was Shiloh's sweet friend, Jubilee. How neat to share this special day with a friend!

*Last but not least, our summer days are about to get even crazier . . . my house is about to be a sea of boxes and chaos . . . Purging and packing . . . Looking forward to new and mourning what was . . .

I am totally enjoying this day today - lots of sitting outside, taking it easy, sipping lemonade, talking on the phone with an old friend, blogging about life, etc. The calm before the storm. ;)

There will be few lazy days for me this summer!

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