Thursday, May 10, 2012

In Honor of My 15th Wedding Anniversary

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To celebrate my 15th wedding anniversary, I thought I'd try on the dress again. Haven't slipped it on since May 10, 1997.

Well, quite a few things were a little different from that beautiful, perfect May day. ;)

* My dress actually fit 15 years ago. Some women complain of their hips spreading after giving birth, um, for me it was my rib cage. I would have LOVED to have acquired some hips. Basically what I am saying is that I couldn't get my dress zipped up all the way. Fun memories, though, of Shiloh and Lincoln trying with all their might to get me all zipped up!

* This time around I wore earrings Lincoln picked out for me when he was just a chubby, little guy.

* My bouquet was handpicked by my sweet daughter. Yellow Lantana and fuchsia Bougainvillea.

* I scrambled to get ready in just minutes before it was time to start homeschooling at 8:00 sharp.

* Didn't have a professional photographer - Lincoln happily complied, though. Even added encouraging words like, "Nice one!" "That looks good."  Such a good son!

* These pics were taken in my AZ backyard instead of at Bellevue Baptist Church in TN.

*Nobody was there to tell me to "hold my flowers down." I remember 15 years ago the photographers kept telling me that!

Had to do some work on these photos since the backyard lighting wasn't that great and I don't think Lincoln's hand remained steady throughout the shots! Bless his heart.

Sweet Shiloh tried to fix my train and fan it out in front - almost is good enough, though. :)


15 years ago, we sat in the Bronco all married and ready to go to Jerry's Sno Cone and then on to the quaint little spec on the map - Georgetown, Colorado.

Happy Anniversary, Babe!

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